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Electric gates openers, kits and electric motors for iron and wooden gates from faac, bft, liftmaster and more. Gate Installers and Automation suppliers of the best electric gates for reliable, automated electric gate openers and intercom systems. Electric entrance gates prices, working examples of electric wooden gates and wrought iron electric drive gates at the electric gate's showrooms in Manchester, Birmingham and Lancashire.
GateAuto leading gate operator distributors, offer top quality gate automation, openers for garage doors, remotes and cost effective video intercom systems and ensuring the electric gate's hardware we offer are of the highest quality. We have models of videx gsm intercoms, comelit divas and farfisa colour and mono video intercoms. Whether you're choosing a electric gate automation system for the first time, access controls or electric spare remotes for a kit already installed, we can help. With many years experience in electrically powered gates systems for wooden gates and electric metal gates, finding the right products for your requirements and wooden or iron gate's design is no problem.
Having been established as a electric gate manufacturer in 1981 we have constantly grown each year. We have a 50,000 square foot custom built wrought iron gates showroom and factory in Nelson, Lancashire and have recently added a brand new showroom and trade counter in the Midlands directly opposite The Hawthorns football stadium, West Bromwich. We also have a display of GateAuto electric openers at the Housing Units, Manchester
We offer a next-day delivery for all electric gate opener devices, remotes and entry kits if ordered by 2pm. All our kits for gate's come with a 2 year or better warranty within the cost of the gates installation, so if you are buying a electric automation kit for your own home, business or you are an established gate fitters you can have peace of mind that you are buying gate kits and gate accessories that will do the job day in day out.
We do offer trade accounts with great benefits and advantages but you do not need to have a trade account to purchase products on our site, even to members of the public the process could not be simpler.
How much to install electronic gates? If you're having problem or a little unsure which electric automation systems will work for you or finding how much do automatic gates cost. Please don't hesitate to give us a call on 01282 677300 or email us and our dedicated sales team will be happy to run through all your gate options.

Ensuring Electric Driveway Gate Openers are safe

Bespoke Gate Kits and Electric Swinging and Cantilever Sliding Gates to Your Specification
With gate's safety being such an important factor in choosing the right kit for wooden iron driveway gates, you can rest assured that we are gate's safe and are at the forefront of all the newest gate's safety features including safety edges, magnetic locks, force testing and site assessments. On all GateAuto gate kits and subsequent gate automation systems we install this is something we have to do by law but it is something we have been doing by choice for some time.

Automatic Gates Showrooms Manchester, Birmingham and Lancashire

If you are ever in the Manchester, Lancashire or West Midland areas feel free to call in to one of our iron gate's showrooms to see for yourself the range and quality of our electric gate motors but also you can try all the different access control kits that are available to you, we can run through a demonstration of the different gate's hardware to open garage doors, gates and lifting chains.

CAME Electric Gates alternative kits and motors

electric gates openersSwing gates and sliding gate systems are an effective way to keep people safe at home or in work places. Installing electric security gates or automated gates is an easy way to keep away the burglars and are available for all size properties. The pillar of any automatic gate is the motor that exists in two types, that is the hydraulic arms and the electromechanical gate openers. These two are the gate opening devices which enable the automated gate's to open and also close via remotes, Audio and Video Intercoms. There are various kinds of automation available and gateauto has selected only the best providers to offer affordable but reliable electric gate opening solutions for swing and sliding gates. Electric sliding gate mechanisms operate by sliding on a rail and wheels that are installed on the ground making the gate easy for closing and opening. They also have a battery backup system that allows it to open and close allowing usage in case of power interruption. The motors are also housed in anti theft resistant cages that makes the gate installation extra secure.

Automatic Gate fitters for swing and sliding gates

There are many options of automated swing or sliding gates available but the most popular type for residential properties is the ECO 300 swing gates opener but there are other types and they include the, articulated swing gates which are fitted to the gates with wide posts that allows opening in small spaces. Sliding gate motors are usually large, heavy and more hazardous, however they can be equipped with state of the art safety equipment that will render the gate's as one of the safest in the world. In addition it is important to consider safety of electrical sliding gates. A poorly installed automatic gate that has a poor safety setup might be dangerous and even result to injuries and death. Some of the safety configurations that go with the automated gates include the photo beam that is common in many types of swinging gates, it is better to prevent a danger rather than preventing it when it has happened. There are one or two infrared detectors that prevent the gate from closing onto cars or pedestrians. In ground loops which magnetic field generators which are able to detect a type of metal when it passes which the sends a signal to the swing gate for it to open or preventing the gate's from closing. The gate safety edges, it was an earlier method that was used where the electric driveway gates installation used the air pressure to stop the gates. There was an edge a few meters from the gate and when the device senses a pressure it signals the gate to open or close. electrically powered gatesInstalling electric gate's adds a convenient way to gain entry into your home, simply stop beside the control panel and activate your remote. The control panel is a barrier to control unwanted access, both gates and fences made from wrought iron or wooden boards can be protected. Aswell as remotes you can also key in an access code on a keypad or use an audio intercom to request entry. Security barriers can also be controlled via a control board and work in exactly the same way. Industrial gates and fences made from iron or solid wood require a bit more professional advice to ensure the safety aspects are covered and the gate operations will run smoothly throughout the day. see New safety advice issued on electric gates aimed at Installers, designers, maintenance firms and manufacturers of electric gates.

Underground gate operator, linear gate arms and articulated hardware and remotes

When buying automated gates the most important consideration is the choice of automatic vehicle access gates. There are various types of gate hardware available including above-ground linear gate arms, underground and articulated gate hardware, plus underground gate openers for swing gates. Most of these kits are available in 230Volt, 24Volt and hydraulic motors. We also have a wide selection of automatic kits for sliding gates.

Find help and advice on gate Remotes and electrically powered motors for Gate's

Choosing the correct automated hardware for security gates, as well as the correct motors and kits is important, and speaking to our professional installers could save you money, time and effort. Came gates have various alternative openers for gate's and they come in various combinations.

Power gate opener costs

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Risks to pedestrians from crushing zones on electrically powered gates

In most UK gate installations, the gates useage may not have been taken into consideration during the planning stage, with the consequence that the installed gate may not comply with recommended gate safety measures .

Those companies who manufacture, install, supply or have control of electric gates should assess the risks to health and safety posed by the gate(s) configuration, in particular the surrounding elements of the installation. Under certain circumstances, such as the gate being located with access to the general public or children, this would be considered to be a high risk install.

BS EN 12453:2001 advises that adopting atleast one or a number of measures including usingsafety edges, installing guards, shaping the leaf surfaces, operating the gate in hold to run, adjusting the force switches and installing sensitive protective equipment will achieve a safe state.

It is HSE's view that the force switch on its own is unlikely to be sufficiently reliable to prevent a person being trapped or crushed. In accordance with the recommendations of BS EN 12453:2001, where the force limitation technique is used in Type 2 or Type 3 installations with automatic operation, extra safeguards should be used to reduce the likelihood of hazardous situations occurring.

In some gate installations, single or double photo beams have been used as an additional safeguard. However, analysis of their installation and configuration has shown that these do not guarantee person detection and can not be used to prevent crushing. Whereas photo beams, when suitably installed and configured, are a possible safeguard, pressure sensitive strips on the closing edge of the gate are more effective when used in combination with force controls.

An important consideration with the operation of electric gates is the emergency arrangements to release someone should a crushing incident occur and the person remains trapped. Many gate designs of motors that use of a release key and lever to disconnect the drive from the gate and allow it to be moved manually. In such circumstances, access to the release key is critical to the quick release of the gate and so arrangements should be in place to ensure that release keys and release instructions are readily available to all authorised users of the gate.

Action required:

  • All designers and gate installers of electrically powered gates should ensure that the forces set on a gate will activate upon touching person or an obstacle and that they do not exceed the values specified in Annex A of BS EN 12453:2001.
  • These forces should be measured in accordance with BS EN 12445:2001. "Industrial commercial and garage doors and gates. Safety in use of powered doors. Force tests and the performance of the system should be tested before the gate is ever put into use.
  • Forces should be periodically tested and checked as part of the planned service maintenance schedule for the gates.
  • In addition to force limits, additional safeguards, such as pressure sensitive edges on the closing edge and photo beams, should be fitted where the risk assessment identifies the gate as in a high risk location such as in a public place where children and other members of the public may be present.
  • Installers in control of automatic gates should periodically review their risk assessment procedures to ensure that they identify any changes to the environment or operating conditions and that they have taken appropriate steps to address them. This is particularly important when the responsibility for management of the gate passes from one person or organisation to another.
  • Other hazards associated with the opening and closing of the gate's should also be addressed - these will include crushing, shearing, impact and drawing-in hazards. Examples of other hazard points are described in BS EN 12453: 2001 and include: the opening edge; gaps in the gate where they pass fixed structures; and at the drive mechanism. (Note: force limitation on its own is also unlikely to be sufficient for these hazards).
  • All gate safety devices and features should be checked on a regular basis and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions to ensure they continue to ensure that safety is being maintained. This should be specified in a planned service schedule agreed by persons responsible for the gate's management and their appointed maintenance company. GateAuto: Citing Sources: []