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Automatic gate openers, Electric Sliding Gates, Electric Swing Gates and Remotes from FAAC, BFT, Liftmaster and more

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GateAuto has been providing electric gates kits and motors to residents and business owners in Birmingham, Lancashire and Manchester for over 30 years. Some gate kits include Sliding electric gates, automatic gate openers, Remote Controls from FAAC, Electric Swing Gates, Liftmaster, BFT and more. We are the leading suppliers and installers of automation kits, remotes, motors, access control systems and accessories.

We have been offering high quality electric gate motors, kits, telephone intercom systems, garage door openers and other products at affordable prices. In order to ensure that you receive high quality electric gate openers, we only supply kits from the most reputed automation manufacturers and suppliers.

Our Rich Experience and Efficient Service

GateAuto was founded in 1981. Since then, we’ve constantly grown, and built a strong reputation in the industry. Our electric gates factory showroom is built in over 50,000 square feet area in Lancashire,Nelson. Recently, we opened another trade counter and showroom in the Midlands. It’s located opposite the West Bromwich  Football Stadium. We also display our gates at the Housing Units, Manchester.

We provide customers with next day delivery for our products. The gate kits come with at least a 2 year warranty. We also offer trade accounts and other benefits to make sure you receive good value for money. When you’re unsure about choosing the best gate automation kit, just give us a call and talk to a customer care representative. Phone us on 01282677300.

Choose Us for the Best after sales Service

We have always understood the importance of security and safety. Thus, we help you choose the right automatic gate kit. With our innovative features and designs, your property will be more secure. With our company, you will be assured of the best electric gate security systems, safety edges, site assessments and force testings.

If you want to see how automatic gates work, you should visit our showrooms in Birmingham, Manchester or Lancashire. You will be impressed by our wide range of high quality products and designs. We even offer all kinds of access control kits to make sure our customers don’t have to look anywhere else.

Installing Automatic Gate Openers or Security Electric Gates

Our ECO 300 230V Swing Gate, Sliding Gate and Electric Double Gate Openers are the best way to keep your property safe. Installing high quality automated or security gates is a convenient way to keep away intruders and burglars. A motor acts as the pillar of an automatic gate. The motor is available in two different types - Electromechanical and Hydraulic. We offer many different kinds of automation services for your security gates.

We offer many different options of high quality electric gate motors for sliding or swing gates. The ECO 300 Swing Gate opener is the most popular among both residents and commercial property owners. Even Articulated Swing Gate openers are popular. However, they can only be fitted to gates with wider posts opening into small spaces.

In most cases, sliding gate motors are heavy, hazardous and large. However, we equip them with State of the Art safety and security devices. They make sure your gates are safer and more efficient. Moreover, we also consider the safety of your electrical sliding gates. Since poor installation can lead to numerous problems, we use innovative technologies and techniques for proper fitting and installation.

Some safety devices suitable with electric gates include the high end photo beam. It’s commonly found with many different types of swing gates. Such safety measures can prevent accidents. Our electric gates also include infrared detectors to prevent the gate from closing onto pedestrians or cars. Magnetic field generators cause in-ground loops to detect metals when they pass by. In addition to this, gate safety edges are also used to make sure the air pressure stops the gates. Whenever air senses any pressure, it signals the electric gate to close or open.

When you’re looking for electric gates, it’s important to focus on a suitable swing gate opener. As mentioned earlier, there are many different types of electric openers, including articulated openers, above-ground linear arms, underground closers and more. Most kits from our company are available in 240 Volt, 230 Volt and Hydraulic motors. We even offer a wide range of kits for your sliding gates. Give us a chance to cater to your needs and requirements. Give us a call now.

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