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Electric Gates

Installing security gates or automated gate openers

ECO-300 230V Double Electric Gate OpenerElectric gate Openers are an effective way to keep people safe at home or in work places. Installing security gates or automated gates is an easy way to keep away the burglars and are available for all size properties. The pillar of any electric gate is the motor that exists in two types, that is the hydraulic and the electromechanical gate openers. These two are the electric devices which enable the electric gate to open and also close via remote controls, Audio and Video Intercoms. There are various kinds of automation available and gateauto has selected only the best providers to offer affordable but reliable gate opening solutions. Sliding gate openers operate by sliding on a rail and wheels that are installed on the ground making the gate easy for closing and opening. They also have a battery backup system that allows it to open and close allowing usage in case of power interruption. The motors are also housed in anti theft resistant cages that makes it extra secure.

Gate openers for swing and sliding gates

There are many options of electric gates available but the most popular type for residential properties is the ECO 300 swing gate opener but there are other types and they include the, articulated gate arm openers which are fitted to the gates with wide posts that allows opening in small spaces. The sliding gate openers are usually large, heavy and more hazardous, however they can be equipped with state of the art safety devices that will render the gate as one of the safest in the world. In addition it is important to consider safety of electrical gates. A poorly installed automatic gate that has no proper safety devices might be dangerous and even result to injuries and death. Some of the safety devices that go with the electric gates include the photo beam that is common in many types of gates, it is better to prevent a danger rather than preventing it when it has happened. There are one or two infrared detectors that prevent the gate from closing onto cars or pedestrians. In ground loops which magnetic field generators which are able to detect a type of metal when it passes which the sends a signal to the gate for it to open or preventing the gate from closing. The gate safety edges, it was an earlier method that was used where the gates used the air pressure to stop the gates. There was an edge a few meters from the gate with air pressure and when the air senses a pressure it signals the gate to open or close.

Underground, linear gate arms & articulated gate openers

When buying electric gates the most important consideration is the choice of gate opener. There are various types of electric gate openers available including above-ground linear gate arms and articulated gate openers, as well as underground gate openers for automatic swing gates. Most of these kits are available in 230Volt, 24Volt and hydraulic gate motors. We also have a wide selection of automatic gate kits for sliding gates.

Find help and advice on Kits and Motors for Automatic Gate Openers

Choosing the correct automated gate openers for the job, as well as the correct motors and kits is crucial, and speaking to the professionals may save you lots of money, time and effort.

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