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FAAC S700 underground double gate kits

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FAAC S700 underground double gate kits Description

S800 FAAC hydraulic underground double kit

Iron Gates



Max Wing Length: 4m
Max Wing Weight: 800kg

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* WIND AFFECTED GATES: A closed panel gate will be affected significantly by the wind, whereas an open pattern gate will offer little wind resistance. Imagine trying to hold on to a 6ft square panel in gusty conditions. This sail effect warrants an upgrade in equipment specified and may require the addition of an electronic lock. Call 0870 766 8704 for advice or click here for alternative options

Application: Formally named the S700 the new S800 low voltage hydraulic underground pump, used for all types of heavy duty gates and busy commercial / industrial usage

- This underground swing gate operator has a new-patented hydraulic pump, designed to work with a 24V motor. This makes it energy efficient, which is unique to the operator.  It is designed to operate a 4m-gate leaf weighing up to 800kg, with the capability of continuous operation with lock, 2m without lock.
- The S800 has a built in encoder that allows the control board to monitor the position of the gate. This provides anti-crushing security by stopping and reversing if an obstacle is encountered and will also ensure full opening and closing, to built-in adjustable stops, whatever the weather.
- It has internal adjustable stops to set final open and closed positions. Meaning no physical stops are required. It is the first operator of its kind to offer these.
- Installation is straight forward, there are built in handles on the operator, also to aid speed of installation, the operator is secured by only 2 bolts into its foundation box, the encoder also allows an automatic set up procedure. With every operator a multi-purpose tool is provided to aid installation.
- The S800 has a simple, secure and robust manual release mechanism, which makes life easier for the end user.
- The transmission system is independent of the box bearing, enabling ease of maintenance.
- 10 different speed levels
- 7 day time clock (must be set using a PC)
- Wind proof facility
- No ground stops required
- Optional battery backup facility
- Stainless steel lids of foundation boxes

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